Historic Highway 80

The Historic Highway 80 is a major east-west highway road in the United States. Originally a cross-country road, the highway runs for 1,035 miles (1,666 km) and passes through several states — including Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Georgia. Mike @ https://www.eliteluxservice.com/ said, it is pretty cool driving on the road in San Diego when he was a kid.

The Historic Highway 80? 

The Historic Highway 80 is considered to be one of the USA’s very first ‘National Roads’. It is famous not just for its historic significance but for the picturesque trail it passes through — traversing the hills of San Diego and the green plains of the southern states. 

Highway 80 has become a popular road trip destination among people. There are several unique rural and semi-rural areas along the highway, which makes for a truly enriching experience delving into the history of America and experiencing the life of the locals, away from the humdrum of big cities. 

Many people have called Highway 80 the ‘Mother of all Arizona Highways’ since it was the first to be established there and many smaller routes have since been created through it. 

A Brief History of this Historic Highway 

Originally called the Dixie Overland Highway, Highway 80 was established by the Automobile Club of Savannah, way back in 1914. It originally connected Savannah and San Diego, and most of the highway still navigates only the originally planned path except a few added areas. 

In 1926, Ed Fletcher became the President of this highway, commissioning improvements and construction and bringing in motorists. It came to be known as the ‘Broadway of America’, being the first highway in the US connecting oceans. 

US 80 has been witness to several historic events, which is why it boasts of stories paralleled only by US 66. Lee Harvey Oswald was caught at one of US 80’s towns. It was an important route during the Mexican-American War as well as the Civil Rights Movement, and the site of the gunfight at OK Corral. 

The original terminus of US 80 was at San Diego and was later changed to Dallas by 1991. In 2018, parts of the highway were declared as the Historic Highway 80 by the Tucson Historic Preservation Foundation. The idea is to remember the historic value of the roadway while also working steadily on its improvement and to promote it as a well-deserved tourist site. 

Road Trip on Historic Highway 80: Things to Do

Along the highway, there are several quaint towns to visit, along with natural wonders with perfect scenic views. One can also see several historic sites that will surely appeal to the explorer interested in the folklore surrounding the events that have occurred around these places. 

There is no shortage of things to do and places to visit while driving through Historic Highway 80. Here are some of our suggestions: 

  1. Visit the Jacumba Hot Springs. Visit the rustic resorts and enjoy the natural hot springs at — Jacumba. Resorts around the area offer world-class amenities, including spas, restaurants, and excellent service. This can make for a memorable trip with family or friends. 
  2. Adjacent to US 80, the Desert View Tower is quite a tourist attraction. It was built in 1922 and dedicated to the people who opened up the Jacumba area and invested in its development. You can visit the museum there or just simply enjoy the amazing view. 
  3. Visit the city of La Mesa. Known for its numerous festivals and top-rated restaurants and cafes, La Mesa is a good place to wander into. It offers a taste into a charming life filled with fun and frolic. The hilly views and numerous parks and museums are just an added benefit. 
  4. Visit the quaint town of Bisbee, known for its art, food, and entertainment. An overnight stay here will offer a peaceful day with laughter and comfort. 
  5. End at the Cabrillo National Monument, which is the western endpoint of the highway. The historic site will be a great place to end your tour. You can also visit the beaches located near it. 

Visit Historic Highway 80 to explore the rich history of the USA and find fun and happiness along the roadway — offered extensively by the towns and historical landmarks around it. Any road trip around here, no matter how short, will make for a remarkable, memorable tour.